Using fictional cities to critique those currently under construction


Academic Conferences and Events


August 2018: 'World Building from the Ground Up - Earth Science and Architecture', Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2018

September 2018: 'Enacting Social Spaces of Feminist SF', Utopian Acts, Birkbeck University.

December 2018: 'The Fabric of the City: Scarcity and Sustainability' part of the 'Beyond Petromodernity: Alternative Energy Futures' panel stream, WorldingSF, University of Graz. Paper and panel stream co-organiser.

December 2018: 'As Plain as Spilt Salt: The City as Social Structure in ‘The Dispossessed’' WorldingSF, University of Graz


'Future of Cities', Panel chair, FollyCon, 69th British National Science Fiction Convention.

'Architecture of the Future City', poster exhibition and panel discussion, FollyCon, 69th British National Science Fiction Convention.

'Building a City: Site and Symbol’, Right on Paper: A Research Event for SF&F Writers, endorsed by the British Fantasy Association.


'The Built Environment: SF and the Construction of Enclosure', Organic Systems: Environments, Bodies and Cultures in Science-Fiction, at Royal Holloway University. 
Conference reports: SFRA, Birkbeck CCL

‘Concrete Utopias: An Education of Desire’, panel participant and keynote panel chair, publication editor and exhibition curator, Utopia, Now!  part of Imaginaries of the Future, at Chelsea College of Art.
Conference Abstracts

'Representations of the City in SFF', panel chair and paper, Nine Worlds Geek Fest 2017
Blogs covering the panel:,,,
Full live tweet coverage of the panel: from Meg MacDonald, and D Franklin

‘Innovations in Teaching and Learning Space in Science and Technology,’ SCHOMS (Standing Conference for Heads of Media Services) Annual Conference, at Exeter University.

‘Science Fiction Aesthetics: Tensions between Reality and the Radical,’ Fantasy in Reality, Courtauld Institute of Art. Conference Abstracts

‘Vicarious vertigo: The emotional experience of height in the science fiction city’ The Built Urban Environment: Social Networks and Wellbeing, organised by COHESION (Compact Housing Effects on Social Isolation or Networks) at UCL

'Aerial Perspective: Estrangement and Vertical Urbanism', Dystopia Now, Centre for Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck.
Conference Report, Conference Blog

'Vertigo in The City: Realities and Fictions,' with Deriu, D., Westminster Architecture Research Forum 2016/17, Westminster University


'Scaling the Heights: Mega-Structures of Science Fiction,’ Scaling the Heights Symposium, Architecture Research Collaborative (ARC) at Newcastle University, Tyne Bridge. Part of the ‘Being Human’ festival, School of Advanced Study, University of London in partnership with the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

'Ascending the Urban: Climbing the Mega-structures of Science Fiction’ Mountains and Megastructures Symposium, Architecture Research Collaborative (ARC) at Newcastle University

'Block Capitals’ Tuesday Talks - Staff Research, Newcastle University

Keynote Address ‘Innovative Pedagogies in Practice’ Higher Education Estates Forum 2016, Stable Events, Whittlebury Hall


'City Limits: Social Structures in the Building-Cities of Science Fiction', Utopian Studies Society Annual Conference, Utopian Studies Society, Newcastle University

‘Vicarious Vertigo: The Social Experience of Height in the Science-Fiction City’, Vertigo in the City, University of Westminster and Wellcome Trust, University of Westminster

'Managing a Master Plan: Case Study of Middlesex University’ Higher Education Estates Forum 2015, Stable Events, Whittlebury Hall

'Managing a Master Plan’ Education Estates Conference 2014, Step Connect with support from EFA, Manchester Central


‘'Block Capitals: From the High-Rise to the Vertical City', Building Brave New Worlds: The Architecture of Sci-fi Movies, British Film Institute and Design Council, BFI

Covered in: Ramchurn, R. (2014) ‘Building Brave New Worlds: The Architecture of Sci-fi Movies,’ Architects’ Journal, December 3

'The Possibility of Failure’ with Knox-Williams, C. Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location, UAL & Critical Practice & The Department of Things to Come, Triangle Space at University of the Arts London

'Building Imaginary Worlds: The Construction of The World Inside Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location, UAL & Critical Practice & The Department of Things to Come, Triangle Space at University of the Arts London

'Vertical Worlds: of Climbing and Sinking', RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014, ‘Vertical Worlds’ Session, Social and Cultural Geography Research Group, Royal Geographic Society

'Between the Image and the City: Vertical London,’ LonCon 3: The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, WorldCon, Excel Center


‘Building Imaginary Worlds’ Utopography: Imaging, representing and critiquing imagined worlds, The Department of Things to Come & Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal & Northumbria University & Newcastle University, Baltic 39 Art Gallery

‘The View from Below: Ballard and the London High Rise’, Literary London Society Annual Conference, Senate House

‘Between the Imaginary and the Built: Dystopia as Architectural Critique’, Utopian Studies Society Annual Conference, New Lanark

‘The Tower City: Science Fiction and the critique of the high rise’, Current Research in Speculative Fiction, University of Liverpool

‘The Tower City: Vision of the Future City’ Bangor Visions, Bangor University