Amy is a practising architect and client advisor, lecturer and design tutor in architecture, and independent researcher

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Amy Butt

I am an architect and client advisor, lecturer and design tutor in architecture, and independent researcher.

As an educator, I explore the role of narrative and empathetic engagement in design, using science fiction literature to provide a critical point of reflection on cities we currently inhabit as well as the future worlds we may be constructing.

As an independent researcher, I examine the way in which the fictional worlds we construct influence and reflect the world we inhabit, writing about utopian thought and the imaginary in architecture through science fiction literature and film.

As an architect, I specialise in higher and further education design, with a focus on client consultation, brief development and student engagement. As a client advisor I support community groups, education providers and their design teams through the critical early stages of a build project or estate strategy. I am able to provide research and analysis services alongside engaging consultation workshops and rigorous brief development support. 

As a founding member of the architectural design collective Involve, I am able to design and deliver inspiring installations and workshops which reflect and realise my passion for engaged design.

I have a passionate interest in education building design, with a strong belief in the importance of wider consultation and narrative communication, to create spaces which can engage and inspire all users of the built environment.




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