DIY Cultures


DIY Cultures - Communal Table

Winner of artists commission
Installed at Rich Mix Cultural Centre
Design and Fabrication by:
Involve Architecture Collective

“Here’s a pen, and some paper, and a typewriter, now start your zine”
Counter Intelligence 1995

Zines require only everyday objects to produce, but because they allow us to make our own voices heard, to communicate and collaborate, they transform these everyday objects into something radical. This table and stand celebrates and embodies this open ideal of DIY cultures by transforming household objects; mops and j-cloths into something unexpected. It recognises the possibilities within these everyday items which are associated with under-acknowledged forms of labour and uses them as the support to display and celebrate a multitude of voices. While the ubiquity of these cleaning products re enacts this ‘DIY’ ethos the crafted quality of the stand reflects the artistic skill and care present in the publications it holds. 

The table and stands can be disassembled; the cloths slide off the mops and the mops slide out of the supporting frames. In this way it can be easily re-located or re-used for other events, returning the components to their previous state as innocuous objects, until they are needed again. 

Design Process Work

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On Site Construction