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Points of View

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RIBA Skill Up

In associations with Sam Jacobs 'Disappear Here' Exhibition
Design and Fabrication by:
Involve Architecture Collective


Points of View

Perspective drawings provide us with a singular view of architectural design, they create the illusion of a three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional medium. But, they also create the impression that a building as an architectural object is fixed and immovable. This Skill-Up workshop will explore and expand the scope of traditional architectural drawings to allow you to reflect on your own individual perspective on design and inhabit your own vision for the city.

We will be drawing on the RIBA archive materials which form part of the ‘perspectives’ exhibition curated by Sam Jacobs Studios, reframing these seminal architectural drawings to explore how our reading of architectural context can influence our understanding of a particular place. We will use physical model making techniques to explore key architectural issues of scale and materiality. These models will then form the basis for our development of design propositions which explore the experience of architecture, as a narrative sequence of spaces. Finally, these sequences will be combined to create our own digital game, a collectively-designed playable cityscape.

These sessions will provide aspiring architects with an introduction to critical design development skills, exploring techniques that range from traditional plan drawings through to digital games design. We will introduce key architectural design concepts that form the foundation of architectural education and use these to appreciate the value of our individual perspectives on architecture as a social art.

Facade Studies

Development of game design