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Utopographies 3

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Site Specific Installation

Led in partnership with Charlotte Knox-WIlliams
Part of Utopographies: Evaluation, Consensus and Location
Critical Practice, University of the Arts London


Utopographies : Evaluation, Consensus and Location

Utopography refers to the projection and criticism of ideal societies, the interactions of space and temporal narrative, the creation of social dreams and the reality of working within and through the urban environment of the present. The two day Utopographies event will encourage alternative forms of discussion on these themes, not presentations delivered to a passive audience. Collaboration is not only encouraged but offers an exemplary model. 

The event will be shaped by the collaborative creation of a spatial environment which will need to reflect and facilitate these different forms of discussion.



More people came and tied ropes and string to the walls to make a net. They tied it and wove it so that it crossed and re-crossed the space in irreg- ular patterns.

A line, curves down and around to a fragile platform made of edges. Beyond the lines touch down to the surface, create a cave, a bunker, the floor scrawled with chalk. It is insubstantial, formed only by intention, made solid by the role it plays. Into the narrowing space the web grows denser, hung with flickering images, banners to an imagined past.

This lattice structure was removed from its support, the tethers cut. It collapsed gradually into a heap of slack lines, wrapped around one another and tangled on the floor.