Views & Context


Part of 'Living Space: Defining and Designing the City'

In response to the Rachael Whiteread retrospective at Tate Britain



Site / Context

A building in a city like London is rarely seen from a single perspective; rather than seeing the building as a whole we collect an impression of it from views down streets and around corners. In this session we will be using the space of the Whiteread exhibition to explore these ideas of site and context through composite drawings of views and conceptual model making. We will use these to understand how guidelines like ‘the right to light’ govern architectural designs, and reflect on how these have affected the design of our own homes.

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Framed Views

A drawing exercise using Whiteread's sculptures as arranged in the retrospective exhibition to explore how the framing and masking of foreground can shift our perception of a subject, leading to discussions about the role of context in architectural design. 

Glimpses of sky

Cut outs which show just the areas of sky visible from the living room windows of programme participants, used as a way to explore and discuss the architectural and legislative frameworks of rights to light and protected views.

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